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The first step in root canal treatment is locating and examining the tooth. Your dentist will perform a physical examination to find the nerve of the tooth, and then they’ll take x-rays to locate any roots that may need to be removed.

Afterward, your dentist will use a drill or an ultrasonic instrument to remove all of the infected or damaged tissue from inside your tooth. The canals are cleaned out with special instruments called files, which act like teeth on a comb and scrape along both sides of each canal until it’s clean again. Then your dentist will fill up these empty spaces with either sealant or dental cement (depending on whether there was decay). Finally, you may get a temporary crown for protection while your tooth heals.

Root canal therapy is similar to cleanings and other routine dental work. It doesn’t take a long time, and it’s actually preferable that you come into our dentist office for treatment as soon as you notice something wrong. Delaying treatment causes your tooth pain and can increase the risk of infection because bacteria have more time to grow and spread in your tooth.

No one likes to have a root canal done, but it does come with some benefits: you’ll get your original tooth back and it won’t be an issue in the future. You can also avoid a more invasive procedure such as extraction or even implant placement. And healthy teeth are critical to living a happy and successful life.

How Root Canal Therapy Works

A visit to the dentist starts with X-rays from your teeth. Your dentist will administer local anesthesia, a painless procedure that numbs the site so you can receive treatment without any discomfort. Following dental crown restoration (or pick-up), you’ll leave refreshed and relaxed at the end of your appointment.

Buscemi Family Dentistry, located in Bloomfield Hills MI provides quality service to help you maintain a beautiful and healthy smile. We offer cleanings and other preventive services that benefit the entire family. We offer general dental care including cosmetic dentistry along with restorative dental procedures such as root canal treatment in Bloomfield Hills. We also provide sleep dentistry to help you get a good night’s rest.

Root Canal treatment in Bloomfield Hills MI

Root Canal Treatment in Bloomfield Will Put An End to Your Tooth Pain

A root canal procedure can be scary for many people. We’ll help to ease your fears with a description of how simple the procedure is and why you shouldn’t worry. This will give you enough information to decide whether or not you want to have one done sooner rather than later so that you don’t need two treatment sessions.

Dr. Vincent Buscemi, DDS, provides biomimetic and cosmetic dentistry to patients in Bloomfield Hills MI. Our practice focuses on restoring oral health and enhancing the beauty of your teeth. We also provide long term solutions for preserving your natural teeth for as long as possible.

Dr. Buscemi is a biomimetic dentist in Michigan who welcomes new patients from Bloomfield Hills, Bloomfield Township, Birmingham, and surrounding areas. To learn more about minimally invasive root canal therapy or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Vincent Buscemi for root canal treatment in Bloomfield Hills, please call us at (248)963-7997 today.

Benefits of Root Canal Therapy

Each tooth has usually one to four root canals from which extend about a dozen roots. When an infection enters into the dental pulp, it spreads across the root canals on your teeth. Even though we offer special treatments that preserve your infected tooth and keep the root canal infection-free, we may recommend extracting the tooth as a last resort. This is only necessary if the remaining tooth has too much decay to maintain the structure. Sometimes this is the only way to prevent further complications.

Before even considering a tooth extraction, we offer you the opportunity to undergo root canal therapy. This procedure will not only save your tooth but also improve its structure and appearance.

Root canal therapy is considered to be a minor treatment compared to other dental procedures such as fillings or crowns. The procedure usually takes about an hour and it’s best to have it done by a biomimetic dentist. Usually, the tooth’s infection is addressed with antibiotics and no larger doses of medications are required.

Best Root Canal Treatment Bloomfield Hills MI

Why Choose Buscemi Family Dentistry For Your Root Canal Treatment in Bloomfield Hills MI?

If you are experiencing tooth pain and want to find a solution that will help get rid of it, we can help. Our team is dedicated to providing you with exceptional care. We offer the latest technology and treatments at affordable prices. Our goal is to provide you with a healthy smile and to keep your teeth healthy for longer. Our main focus is on prevention, which will save you time and money in the long run.

And we’re not just good at what we do; we also have responsible staff members who are always happy to assist patients inside or outside of our office. We are available during emergency situations to ensure that you’ll be happy with our service. Call us today to get in touch with the dental team from Buscemi Family Dentistry in Bloomfield Hills MI.

Select Buscemi Family Dentistry for professional and affordable root canal therapy services in Bloomfield Hills MI. Dr Vincent Buscemi is a friendly dentist who has been serving patients for many years and specializes in biomimetic dentistry. Call us at (248) 963-7997 or browse this website to learn more about root canal therapy costs in Bloomfield Hills MI and book a consultation with Dr. Vincent Buscemi today.

The Root Canal Procedure

Of all dental procedures done in the modern world, root canal therapy is the most common one. More than 50% of Americans have at least one infected tooth that needs to be treated without extraction. The procedure itself lasts for about an hour and a half. It doesn’t require any type of anesthesia as it’s mostly painless. Its purpose is to remove the infected pulp in your tooth, disinfect the area with special solutions that kill bacteria inside, and fill it with dental material that doesn’t shrink and mimics the structure of the natural tooth. The process requires a lot of precision and experience but it doesn’t bring any type of discomfort.

Root Canal Treatment - The Fastest Way to Relieve Nerve Pain

Your teeth have one to four root canals from which extend about a dozen roots. An infection in the dental pulp, if left untreated, will spread across these roots as well as other parts of your mouth or jaw structure. Root canal therapy involves removing infected tissue from the tooth’s nerve cavity (pulp) and then disinfecting it before filling it up again with new material such as dentin taken from another part of your own tooth or artificial materials like gutta-percha or porcelain; this procedure has been proven to be successful for more than 100 years now!

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