Biomimetic Dentistry in Bloomfield Hills Michigan

Biomimetic dentistry is a concept which serves to maintain oral health by preserving the natural teeth and detecting dental problems early to prevent more invasive procedures such as root canals, dental extractions and dental implants. The teeth in your mouth are designed to withstand the test of time. The natural design of your teeth is so perfect that with proper care, your teeth will last a lifetime!

If a tooth were to become decayed, fractured, or damaged, the biomimetic restoration would mimic the original function as well as the strength and beauty of the natural original tooth. This is what makes biomimetic dentistry special as the restoration becomes more like the real thing than any other traditional restorative dentistry procedure.

Meet Dr. Vincent Buscemi, DDS - The Best Biomimetic Dentist in Bloomfield Hills

If you are looking for an approach to your oral health that fosters long-lasting results while also being more natural than traditional dentistry methods, let Buscemi Family Dentistry take the reins of your teeth’s future! As the leading expert in the field of biomimetic dentistry, Dr. Vincent Buscemi, DDS is proud to offer the following services to our patients in Bloomfield Hills Michigan:

  • Alternative to Traditional Dental Crowns
  • Possible avoidance of Root Canal Therapy
  • Chipped Tooth Repair
  • Composite Fillings
  • Conservative Dentistry
  • Cosmetic Dentistry

Why Choose a Biomimetic Dentist over a Traditional Dentist?

If you’re tired of the pain and sensitivity after fillings and traditional dental crowns, biomimetic dentistry could be your saving grace. Contact Buscemi Family Dentistry and learn more today!  Please call (248) 963-7997 to schedule an appointment to visit with Dr. Buscemi’s Bloomfield Hills practice and learn more about this advanced dental restorative technique. You can also visit the scheduling page on our website.

Dr Vincent Buscemi Biomimetic Dentist

What is Biomimetic Dentistry?

Biomimetic dentistry is the art of restoring broken, cracked and decayed teeth with dental materials back to as close to their natural and original form as possible.

Biomimetics uses what nature has provided, which are perfect in strength and form for restoration methods. Dentists who use this approach in office want patients to have a strong but attractive smiles.

Biomimetic dentistry mimics natural teeth by using the most successful and ideal properties of nature. It restores damaged, broken, fractured or decayed teeth to their original strength while keeping them strong in a conservative way that is both visually attractive and functional. Biomimetics also focuses on enduring patient comfort and hygienic maintenance.

The three main properties of the biomimetic approach to restoration are:

  1. Bio-mechanics: Restoring the tooth in a way that mimics the original form of the tooth. This serves the purpose of withstanding and resisting the constant forces that your teeth endure.
  2. Natural tooth structure – Preserving as much natural structure as possible by only removing what is damaged or decayed. This allows for dental bonding that reinforce and strengthens the remaining natural structure.
  3. Continuous structural support – Biomimetic materials and dental adhesives are stronger than traditional dental cements allowing for a longer lasting more natural and comprehensive restoration without the shrinkage and stress of traditional fillings or crowns.

In the end this is a conservative approach to restore teeth in an attractive way without putting them in need of unnecessary dental treatment

Biomimetic Dentistry advantages include:

  • More natural looking restorations – No need for veneers or crowns that mask the tooth structure. The biomimetics approach uses a tooth-colored bonding material to improve, strengthen and rebuild damaged teeth so they can look like their natural counterparts again.
  • Stronger restorations – Incorporating the tooth’s natural structure and needs into a restoration enhances its strength.
  • Improved longevity – Restorations are designed to withstand function and still look attractive. Biomimetics aims to make teeth last a lifetime with less need for invasive maintenance or treatment.
  • Less likely to develop secondary dental problems – Restoration is designed with the teeth in mind. The biomimetics approach uses a formula that enhances pulp moisture and therefore reducing the risk for future complications.
  • Less Expensive in the long term – Restorations are typically completed in one visit. There is no need for extensive prep work or multiple appointments.

Can Biomimetic Dentistry Prevent Unnecessary Root Canals?

Biomimetic Dentistry is a revolutionary form of dentistry that allows for the prevention and elimination of unnecessary root canals. A common problem in modern dentistry is that crowns reduce the amount of healthy tooth structure. This can cause sensitivity and irritation to teeth, which will more than likely require a root canal treatment for relief. Fortunately, Biomimetic Dentistry limits removal of healthy teeth structure and restores the tooth to its natural state. This eliminates tooth sensitivity and irritation.

During the initial examination, a Biomimetic Dentist will look for areas of damage and decay to determine your treatment plan. However, if none are found, that does not necessarily mean you are clear of these problems! Root Canals are typically only discovered when symptoms manifest themselves in the form of pain or sensitivity in the affected areas.

If you are experiencing pain or sensitivity in your teeth, contact a dentist immediately to determine what the problem may be and how to best treat it, without pain or further damage to the tooth involved. If you have already undergone root canal treatment for any reason, a Biomimetic Dentist can still help.

Best Root Canal Treatment Bloomfield Hills MI

Does Biomimetic Dentistry Minimize Shrinkage in Fillings?

As more research is conducted in biomimetics and the importance of restorative techniques, Dr. Buscemi has found that if a dental filling shrinks as light is applied to it, this can result in gap formation or shrinkage stresses on tooth tissue. Biomimetic materials are used for their ability resist shrinking when exposed to various levels of light exposure which minimizes any possible gaps from forming during treatment with them because they have been made using only the finest quality material available based on scientific research. Albeit fillings can be minimally invasive and are not recommended for all patients.

Does Biomimetic Dentistry Preserve Tooth Structure?

Biomimetic dentistry is a revolutionary dental technique that utilizes biomaterials to restore a smile after damage or decay. This procedure is focused on only removing the damage and decays from your tooth and then bonding an inlay or onlay restoration onto the remaining healthy tooth. structure. This eliminates the need to remove any additional natural and healthy tooth structure to fit a crown. The result is a saved tooth and the elimination of more painful dental procedures in the future. Preserving your smile in its most natural form is the goal and primary benefit of biomimetic dentistry.

Is Biomimetic Dentistry the same as Advanced Adhesive Dentistry?

Biomimetic Dentistry is a trend in dentistry that focuses on Advanced Adhesive Dentistry. This prevents excessive shrinkage and gaps from causing premature failures, which makes it more reliable than traditional methods of dental care. Traditional dentistry often leads to excessive shrinkage and gaps, which can cause premature failures. Advanced adhesive methods such as those used in biomimetic dentistry are the key difference from traditional approaches that people should look for when choosing a dentist.

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Schedule an appointment for a consultation and we’ll go over the details of what you can expect from our services. Buscemi Family Dentistry is the local leader in advanced adhesive and biomimetic dentistry. Dr. Vincent Buscemi, DDS focuses on preserving your natural teeth by using the most advanced biomimetic techniques, equipment and materials in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. His biomimetic approach to dental care will help patients avoid the pain and the increased sensitivity often experienced after traditional dental treatments.

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